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University Of Oxford

The actual date of the University of Oxford's establishment is uncertain, however the institution may be traced back to at least 1096. Oxford is located roughly 60 miles northwest of London, and graduate students account for around 45 percent of its student body. As part of their studies, more than half of Oxford's graduate students perform research. Oxford conducts research in all four of its academic divisions: humanities, mathematics, physical and biological sciences, medicine, and social sciences. Oxford's academic year is divided into three terms of eight weeks each: Michaelmas (fall), Hilary (spring), and Trinity (summer). English is the language of teaching at the university.

The University of Oxford is divided into three parts: the core university, 38 colleges, and six permanent private halls, which are smaller than colleges and offer fewer disciplines. Each of Oxford's colleges has a dining hall, common room, and library. Undergraduates are given college housing for their first year and can frequently continue to reside there throughout their academic careers. Graduate students are not guaranteed accommodation, however certain universities, particularly for overseas students, may offer room for them during their first year. Non-European Union students pay greater tuition. More than 900 scholarships for graduate students have been made accessible by the university and its academic departments and schools, as well as dozens of other organisations.

University of Oxford is ranked #5 in Best Global Universities and  ranked #4 in QS World University Rankings.

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