Fan Of Pokemon Creates Cute Bulbasaur Planter

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Fan Of Pokemon Creates Cute Bulbasaur Planter


A Bulbasaur planter made of cement by a Pokemon fan accurately portrayed the beloved mascot and won admiration from other fans.
The creator, dchristensen7, makes these works for his or her own enjoyment and hasn't thought about selling them.
They've also created other Pokemon-themed pots and figurines, displaying their creativity and enthusiasm for the series.

A Bulbasaur planter made of cement by a Pokemon fan, who successfully captured the image of the popular character, won accolades from other fans.
 These works are made by the artist, dchristensen7, for his or her own enjoyment; they have not been thought of for sale.
 They have demonstrated their talent and devotion for the franchise by creating additional planters and figures based on the Pokemon series.


One of the first three starting Pokemon from Generation 1 of the franchise is Bulbasaur. The pocket monster made a number of appearances during the course of the anime series and played a significant role early on as a member of Ash's crew. There are many admirers of the Pokemon, one of whom made a sweet piece of art inspired by it.

A planter that was constructed by dchristensen7, a Reddit user, was put online. The artist claims that the piece, which is a fantastic approximation of the Pokemon Bulbasaur, was made out of cement. The planter is now empty because, according to dchristensen7, they have yet to find a plant that closely resembles the pocket monster's distinctive bulb. Hopefully some vegetation will be added soon to let the already stunning sculpture shine.

The planter that dchristensen7 created in the shape of a Grass-Type pocket monster is not the only one that they have created. The artist also created one that was based on the Pokemon Oddish, for which they were able to locate the ideal piece of background vegetation. In response to demands, they also produced a planter modeled after the Grass-Type starter Chikorita. Additionally, Dchristensen7 created two Ditto figures, one in the character's regular pink color and the other in its blue Shiny hue. The works that dchristensen7 posted all look fantastic and are wonderful ways to show that you adore Pokemon. I hope they'll keep creating planters and figurines based on other pocket monsters and sharing them with the public.


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