Polish Woman Claims To Be Missing British Toddler Madeleine McCann

A young woman from Poland claims to be Madeleine McCann, a British toddler who went missing in Portugal while on vacation with her family 16 years ago. Julia Wendel's story went popular on social media this week when she claimed to have proof that she is the missing girl. Wendel, who resembles Gary and Kate McCann, claims to have the same eye abnormality as the small child and was abused by a German man who was a main suspect in her disappearance.

Madeleine McCann, three, went missing on the evening of May 3, 2007, while on vacation with her family in Portugal's Praia da Luz.

The small girl was sleeping in a holiday apartment with her brothers at the time of her disappearance, while her parents were dining at a nearby restaurant.

Madeleine had gone missing when her mother checked on her later that evening.

The McCann family, according to media reports, has made contact with Wendel and is attempting to have her DNA tested to see whether she is a match.

Wendel stated that she first became aware of the missing case when she began examining anomalies in her parents' accounts of her childhood.

Wendel believes her parents may have misled about the missing girl's age, despite the fact that she would be 19 years old. She also claims that she has never seen photographs of her mother pregnant.

"The recollections are hazy, and when I discussed them with my parents, things didn't match up." "They always tried to change the subject," Wendel was quoted as saying in multiple media outlets.

"My instructor at school said I didn't always come to class, but my parents say I did." After all of that consternation, I began my own investigation, learned what happened to Madeleine McCann, and connected the links. "It's quite difficult trying to persuade people to trust me," she added.

According to a source close to the McCann family, the family will investigate all references and will not take any chances when it comes to discovering their missing daughter.

Polish Woman Claims To Be Missing British Toddler Madeleine McCann

Polish Woman Claims To Be Missing British Toddler Madeleine McCann

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