Jasprit Bumrah Says He Is Ready For World Cup

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Jasprit Bumrah Says He Is Ready For World Cup

Jasprit Bumrah sounded calm and at ease as if he had never been away from the game even though he had been away from competitive cricket for 327 days and had spent countless hours in rehab booths, surgery tables, and practice nets. He led India to the first of three T20I series against Ireland on Friday without even a hint of anxiousness or over-excitement.

He missed playing cricket throughout the hiatus, but he never entertained bad ideas. "I never believed that it was gone or that my dark time was over. In a controlled voice, he states, "I was thinking about how to address the challenge that was in front of me.

He claims that he was thinking about the rehab process rather than worrying about his injury or if he could get back to his top fitness. "When your injuries take a while to heal, it might get annoying. However, I was thinking about how I may heal more quickly and make a comeback rather than having self-doubts, he says.

He claims that in some ways, the time away from the game helped to clear his mind of the stresses of competitive cricket. "I spoke to my mother about it for the first time this summer, maybe after 10–11 years. I saw it as the off-season, when I could spend a lot of time with my family. You also miss certain significant competitions, but you have little influence over that, so you can't truly feel frustrated about it. When the body need time to heal, you must respect it, he muses.

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