Rahul Gandhi Said "Elections Between People's Telangana And Aristocrats Telangana"

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Rahul Gandhi Said Elections Between Peoples Telangana And Aristocrats Telangana

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi described in Mulugu sabha speech that "the election as a battle between the Telangana of the aristocracy and the Telangana of the people". He said that there will be competition between Congress and BRS in the state. BJP is gone without an address. He spoke at a public meeting organized in Mulugu. Rahul said that TS was given without political gain and loss. He said that TS was given as per the promise. He said that Congress gave Telangana-State even though it knew that it would suffer losses.

Rahul Gandhi accused BRS of cheating Dalits in the name of 3 acres. He accused KCR of grabbing your lands with the Dharani portal, and of grabbing lakhs of crores from your pocket in the name of Kaleshwaram. He said that farmers were not even given loan waiver. He said that all the promises made in the Congress-ruled states have been fulfilled. Rahul Gandhi said that BRS and BJP are one. He criticized that the CM accuses KCR but does not investigate.

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