Phavio Hospital Management System Best HMS Software

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Phavio Hospital Management System Best HMS Software

Phavio furnishes the best emergency clinic board framework with every one of the new highlights. It contains all the medical clinics the executives need. The Phavio emergency clinic board framework is intended for medical care offices to deal with every one of their activities. From authoritative to monetary and clinical, each perspective can be dealt with by medical clinic board programming. It is online software with the latest SPA (Single Page Application) architecture. It includes all new features and functions and is appropriate for clinics to multi-specialty hospitals. 

Modules of Hospital Management System


In this Dashboard module, you can send your criticism to us about our product. You can see some data about our product.

Front Desk

In this front work area module, we do patient enrollment, whether it is a new or old patient. We will dole out that patient to talk with a specialist. We can send the patient to the lab. In this module, we can see specialists records, patient records for that specific specialist, as well as inpatients records, and so on.


In this nursing module, we can see long term records and release patient records. This module contains data about tests, techniques, case sheets, nurture sheets, release rundowns, etc.


In this records module, we can see every one of the patient bills. Here we can take care of the relative multitude of bills (ex. gathering bills, lab bills, drug store bills, and so forth.). We can endorse the IP demands and release demands in this module. We can see all the Record reports, daycloser reports, month closer reports, and so forth.,


In this diagnostics module, we can see the rundown of patients going through tests. Here we can enter the upsides of those tests and we can step through prints of those exams.


In this drug store module, we will enter buy passage, deals section, retail deals section, buy return section, deals return passage, and so on, In this module, we can see buy solicitations, deals bills, buy return bills, deals return bills, and so forth. In this module, we can raise buy demands too.


In this Masters module, we can make another field information rundown and see that rundown.


We can do the worker creation process and the determination cycle. It's totally been finished in this module. Here we can see the worker records. In this module, we can relegate a PC to the representative. In this module, we can give a few consents to the representatives.


In this module, the director will endorse the solicitations (ex: support demands, drug store buy demands, worker leave demands, representative credit demands).


We can make everything under this expert module. In this module, we can make specialist, methodology, SMS formats, wards, bed types, lab tests, lab classifications, items, providers, offices, work types, etc.


In this module, we can add, alter, or erase menus. In this module, the administrator will support the solicitations (ex: upkeep demands, drug store buy demands, representative leave demands, worker advance solicitations).


In this additional items module, the phavichat choice is accessible. We can visit with every one of the workers. We can send any kind of document utilizing this talk. "Another Tab" choice is likewise accessible in this module. To open the product in another tab, select the New Tab choice. Such countless number crunchers are likewise accessible in this module, including a muscle versus fat mini-computer, a BMI adding machine, a BMR mini-computer, a TDEE mini-computer, and a numerical mini-computer.


In this module, we can see every one of the reports like these. Specialist Wise Patients reports, Office Wise Patients reports, New Patients reports, Region Wise Patients reports, Age/Orientation Wise Patients reports, Patients reports By Confirmation Date, Patients reports By Release Date, Profile/Gathering Wise Report, Classification Wise Report, Item Buy/Deal Proclamation, Stock Opening/Shutting Table, Drug store Marketing numbers, etc.


In this module, we can raise leave demands and advance solicitations and furthermore In this module, we can see leave demands and credit demands.


In this module, we can see the revealing subtleties of the representative by date wise or worker wise.


In this module, we can send SMSs to patients to review them.

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