South Korea Nominates 'Concrete Utopia' For Oscars

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South Korea Nominates Concrete Utopia For Oscars

The country's upcoming Oscar entry is the thriller "Concrete Utopia" from South Korea. The movie, starring Lee Byung-hun and Park Bo-young and directed by Eom Tae-hwa, depicts the struggle of common people to survive in a post-apocalyptic Seoul.

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The South Korean thriller "Concrete Utopia" has been selected as South Korea's entry for the 96th Academy Awards' International Feature Film category.
The movie, which was made by Eom Tae-hwa, examines what happens in contemporary Seoul following a devastating earthquake.
'Concrete Utopia' stars Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon, and Park Bo-young.

The three main actors in the South Korean thriller "Concrete Utopia" are Lee Byung-hun, Park Seo-joon, and actress Park Bo-young. The movie has been selected as the nation's primary submission for the upcoming 96th Academy Awards. The Korean Film Council (Kofic) made the choice, and the movie's distributor, Lotte Entertainment, made the announcement.


Eom Tae-hwa's film "Concrete Utopia," which is set in contemporary Seoul and examines what happens after a catastrophic earthquake, is directed. The tenants of Hwang Goong Apartments, the only building still standing in a city completely destroyed by the earthquake, are the focus of the narrative.

Every nation taking part in the non-English language film category of the Academy Awards must submit a single movie as their official entry. 'Concrete Utopia' and 'Cobweb' were the two South Korean finalists this year. However, 'Concrete Utopia' was chosen by a seven-judge panel unanimously after considerable deliberation.

The film's plot, according to the judges, was in line with contemporary debates on the recession and global warming. They called it a skillful examination of class struggle, a subject that was also explored in Bong Joon-ho's blockbuster movie "Parasite," which received several Academy Awards in 2020.

The judges applauded the portrayal of the characters and their struggles for survival within the low-income housing complex, Hwang Goong Apartments. They especially noted the outstanding performance of Lee Byung-hun, known for his role in the popular series 'Squid Game'.

According to the judges, 'Concrete Utopia' provides a compelling narrative about ordinary people facing the challenges of global recession and natural disasters. They highlighted the film's ability to capture the essence of Korean culture while appealing to a broader international audience.

The 96th Academy Awards are scheduled to take place in March next year, where 'Concrete Utopia' will compete with other international films in the International Feature Film category.

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