Best IVF And Infertility Specialist In Gurgaon | Dr. Bindu Garg

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Best IVF And Infertility Specialist In Gurgaon | Dr. Bindu Garg

Dr. Bindu Garg is one ofGurgaon's best gynecologist-obstetrician, IVF & infertility doctors. Shehas an overall 42 years of experience (38 years as a specialist). She practices at Neelkanth Hospital, WorldInfertility, and IVF Centre. She has a successful track record of helpingcouples to achieve their dream of parenthood. She has the achievement of gifting Gurgaon its first IVF baby in 2003.She has helped deliver more than 10,000 babies through IVF. Dr. Bindu Garg alsohas expertise in IUI, ICSI procedures, normal delivery, high-risk pregnancy,and gynecological-laparoscopic surgeries with IVF. She is a very experienced gynecologist, who keeps herself updated withthe latest technological advances in the field of fertility and gynecology forgiving quality care to her patient. Her satisfied patient speaks highly of herfertility treatment abilities. She applies risk management in her dailypractice.

Her experience and knowledge giveher a remarkable standing in the field of IVF experts in Gurgaon, who is alwayspassionate to help couples who are unable to conceive.

Dr. Bindu Garg

Phone : 76690 54615

Address : 1,Neelkanth Hospital, Main, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd,

nearGuru Dronacharya Metro Station, DLF Phase 3

Gurugram, Haryana 122022