F2 Biryani Centre, Podalakur Road

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F2 Biryani Centre, Podalakur Road

We at F2 Biryani are here to bring you an assorted range of delicious biryanis to choose from. The intention is to bring you the best biryani in Nellore at the click of a mouse. And along with it, stimulate your "mood" by providing high-quality "food" with a taste.

Our goal is to provide you with the best biryani ordering service available across India. This is done by introducing to you a cooking style that whets your appetite for food to a level that compels you to dig into our biryani with relish.

Best Biryani In Nellore

F2 Biryani is the king of the foods in the biryani, we prepare evergreen classic biryani using traditional methods, which will make you crave more with each bite. It's aromatic, it's rich in taste, and it looks royal; at the same time, it's healthier too. We believe our Biryani is healthy and delicious enough to eat on a regular basis.

F2 Chicken BiryaniF2 Chicken Fry Biryani

F2 Biryani is the best biryani in Nellore, we make our biryani in the most famous way, the "Dum method, which involves sealing the vessels thoroughly and keeping the lid closed to trap the aroma, which is then cooked over a slow flame.

Our Services are available in Zomato and Swiggy


For F2 Biryani, customers are a priority, and they have adopted a number of approaches to serve their customers in the most efficient way possible.

  • Dine In

F2 Biryani ensured their presence in almost all the main residential, commercial, and business areas all across Nellore through their own and franchised restaurants.

  • Take Away

Takeaway Service is available in all branches for customers to satisfy their various types of needs. This service is cherished by customers due to its high level of efficiency.

  • Home Delivery

Food is delivered to customers as quickly as possible throughout the Nellore city.

F2 Biryani, Podalakur Road, Opp: Saibaba Temple, Nellore
Website : www.f2biryani.f2consort.com
Call : +91 7799725566

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