Seema Haider To Sue Neighbor Over ''Lappu Sa Sachin''

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Seema Haider To Sue Neighbor Over Lappu Sa Sachin

Days after a video of Seema Haider's neighbor, Mithilesh Bhati, calling her Sachin 'lappu' and 'jhingur' turned into a web sensation via online entertainment, Haider's legal counselor cautioned the neighbor of maligning case.

Seema's legal counselor, AP Singh, expressed that Mithilesh Bhati would get a reaction from each spouse in the country for her "discourteous" remarks about Sachin.

Mithilesh Bhati alluded to Sachin as "jhingur sa" and "lappu sa" in media interviews. Following these meetings, Mithilesh turned into all the rage for the time being and built up momentum via web-based entertainment. Presently, AP Singh is getting ready to make a legitimate move against Mithilesh Bhati for these comments.

Mithilesh Bhati additionally answered this, saying she didn't affront anybody.

"I lashed out, and those words slipped from my mouth. Such language is normally involved here in our casual discussions. Individuals call me 'lappi' yet that doesn't mean I will become 'lappi'. I have not offended anybody," she said.


A Pakistani lady named Seema Haider has been in the titles since July 2023 after she crossed the line to join with her Indian sweetheart Sachin Meena. Their romantic tale started in 2019 when she met Sachin, an occupant of More prominent Noida, while playing the web based game PUBG.

Seema left her nation of origin and headed out to India illicitly. She was at that point wedded and is a mother of four.

In the mean time, a video of Sachin's neighbor became a web sensation on the web. In the short clasp, the lady reproached the couple, guaranteeing that there was nothing exceptional about Sachin in light of the fact that Seema needed to cross the boundary.

During her tirade, wherein she utilized the expression "lappu sa Sachin", has now been changed over into a track by Yashraj Mukhate. The enthusiastic track, created by Yashraj Mukhate, has circulated around the web in the span of an hour of being made accessible on the web.

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