Saudi Pro League: Al Wehda Vs Al Nassr, Highlights

Catch the highlights, from the Saudi Pro League game between Al Wehda and Al Nassr at the King Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

FULL TIME: Al Wehda 0-4 Al Nassr: The full-time whistle is that. Nasser receives the three points and moves to the top of the Saudi Pro League thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo's four goals. Ronaldo was in charge the entire game, scoring twice each side of the halftime break. His league goal total now stands at five. Against February 17, Al Nassr's caravan will travel home to take on Al Taawoun.

90+4: A second opportunity for Ronaldo! Atiah rejects him this time. The goalkeeper lowers himself on one knee in order to prevent the close-range strike.

90: For his partner to tap in, Ronaldo lays up a clean pass, but he is unable to get to it. The goal kick ball is released.

89: From the left, Ronaldo takes the free kick. A Wehda shirt deflects the strike, keeping it low and giving Nassr a corner.

88: For Al Nassr, Majed makes a lavish run down the left flank. He outplays two opponents before getting tripped right outside the penalty area.

85: When Ghareeb is unable to receive a pass on the left touchline, an Al Nassr move fails.

80: Eisa misses the goal with a shot. He came so close to giving Wehda its opening goal. He attempts a shot in the tightest of areas.

75: On the field, there are several substitutes as Al Nassr and Al Wehda each make two.

70: With a presence in the Nasser penalty area, Wehda has at last found its feet in the game. Unfortunately, it has arrived too late to influence the outcome.

61: He scores a fourth goal as well! Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be stopped tonight. It's 4-0 thanks to Al Nassr! Ronaldo receives a pass as he launches a run through the middle. His initial attempt is blocked, but he is graciously given the rebound at his feet. He scores again while positioned in the left corner.

53: Ronaldo, take it from there! His first hat trick in Saudi Arabia is that one. and Al Nassr has a 3-0 advantage. The ball is moved to the left by him. The goalkeeper makes a guess as to where the ball will go, but it is too far away for him to reach it.

50: Al Nassr receives a VAR penalty.

Aerial ball disaster by Wellyof Al Wehda. His arm was obviously hit; the referee points to the area on the monitor where it was definitely hit by his arm.

47: Atiah saved us! Where it left off, Al Nassr continues. Ghareeb receives a pass from Ronaldo. Ghareeb outdoes a defender to take a shot. To stop the shot from getting into the goal, Atiah squats to his right.


HT: Al Nassr 0–2 Wehda

Al Nasser has had it simple in the first half. Wehda hasn't been able to get within its penalty area thanks to it, and its star forward has taken care of the rest. The goalie for Al Wehda has been defeated twice by Ronaldo, once with his left foot and once with his right. The first goal gave Ronaldo his 500th league goal. He would definitely be thinking about a hat trick when the  second half begins with teams on the field. If the score remains the same, Al Nassr will recover first place.

40: Ronaldo scores once again! Al Nassr has a 2-0 advantage! Atiah is defeated with a right-footed shot, and Ronaldo begins his "SIUUUU" celebration. Ronaldo appears in front of the goal from the right side after a swift counterattack. He discovers the net after carefully examining the target. The goal is still standing despite a lengthy VAR examination.

37: Al Wehda attempts a set piece, but that again fails to produce anything for the home team. Right-side delivery finds a header but looped up into Nawaf's hands.

35: Al Nassr has the ball under control here rather comfortably. Wehda hasn't been able to develop an offence that could put the goal of the other side in jeopardy.

29: As the lone player in the Nassr penalty area, Rodrigues tries to get something going for his team but is blocked and ultimately declared offside.

27: Another opportunity for Nasser Gustavo might come from a well-placed long ball to Ghareeb in the penalty area. Wehda intercepts it after Ghareeb squares it. The Nassr players shouted "handball," but the referee disregarded them.

21: A GOAL BY RONALDO! His 500th league goal is now! Al Nassr is in the lead thanks to his second goal in the Saudi Pro League. Ronaldo received a pass from the middle, and he used his left foot to beat the goalie for Wehda. The goal is still valid despite a slight delay for a VAR check.

18: Rodrigues scores a goal! Nassr gets away. He receives the ball from a toss, spins, and unleashes a left foot shot. Nawaf was outshot in goal, but he was saved by the post.

16: A corner is earned when Ronaldo's free kick strikes the wall. After Sami was fouled by Duarte close to the penalty area, Nassr was awarded a free kick.

13: Nassr receives a cross from Konan on the left flank, but the ball is overhit and is caught by the goalkeeper. Ronaldo may have been involved in that play, but the squad failed due to poor execution.

12: On the right flank, Sultan and Ghareeb set up an offensive for Nasser. Although Sultan gets fouled, the official permits play to continue. Ghareeb's cross signals the end of the manoeuvre.

7: Al Nassr has a corner and attempts to use the set piece for a near-post delivery, but there is cover. Al-Wehda ably protects it.

4: Al Ghamdi of Wehda gets fouled in the Nassr half, giving the home team a chance to create a danger.

3: Wehda is now a part of the offensive. Naji makes a cross after dribbling along the right wing. Nassr can easily avoid the threat because there are no red jerseys in the box.

Kick Off :Cristiano kicks off the match, and Al Nassr controls it until Ronaldo is fouled close to the centre circle.

ALMOST UNDERWAY:The pre-match handshake rituals have been completed as the teams have arrived at the playing field. The coin flip favours Al Nassr.

AL WEHDA vs. AL NASSR: Al Nassr won their first matchup against the other team this season. The lone goal in the contest was scored by Vincent Aboubacker, giving his team the three points.

MISSING TALISCA :Talisca, who leads the Saudi Pro League in goals scored, will miss today's game after receiving a red card against Al Fateh.

Ronaldo sets yet another record?

Last week, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal in opposition against Al Fateh. His career total is now 499 league goals after this. The Portuguese will become the first team in league football to score 500 goals with one more goal today.

Head-to-head: 21, Al Nassr 14, Al Wehda 3, and 4 draws were made.


Al Wehda: Atiah, Kurdi, Makki, Duarte, Hawsawi, Anselmo, Bakshween, Fajr, Naji, Al-Ghamdi, and Rodrigues are among the members of Al Wehda.

Al Nassr: Nawaf, Sultan, Mado, Amri, Konan, Khaibari, Gustavo, Ghareeb, Sami, Masharipov, and Ronaldo are all members of Al Nassr.

Saudi Pro League: Al Wehda Vs Al Nassr, Highlights

Saudi Pro League: Al Wehda Vs Al Nassr, Highlights

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