Republic Day 2023 Centre Puts 32,000 Tickets On Sale Online

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Republic Day 2023 Centre Puts 32,000 Tickets On Sale Online

This year, the Central Vista Avenue will be renovated for the 74th Republic Day festivities. According to representatives from the defence ministry on Wednesday, the Central government has made 32,000 tickets available for general public purchase online.

According to the news agency PTI, they stated that all formal invitations for the ceremonial event will be delivered online for the first time.According to organisers, a 120-member Egyptian military detachment would also join in the festivities.According to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will be the special guest at the Republic Day celebrations on January 26.

After Rajpath was renamed "Kartavya Path" last year, this will be the first Republic Day festivities held along the ceremonial boulevard. On Wednesday, a dress rehearsal for the procession was held.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense announced in a statement that 23 tableaus representing the country's rich cultural heritage, economic and social progress, and strong internal and external security would roll down the Kartavya Path during the ceremonial parade. These tableaus came from 17 states and union territories and six different ministries and departments.

From January 23 through January 31, a presentation on Republic Day events will be conducted. According to reports from PTI, it was said on Wednesday during a news conference held here at the South Block by Defense Secretary Giridhar Aramane.

The Central Vista project employees and their families, Kartavya Path maintenance workers, vegetable vendors, milk booth employees, grocery store owners, and rickshaw pullers will all be "special invitees" to the Republic Day celebrations, the officials revealed during the presentation. These special invitees will also be prominently seated at the Kartavya Path.

Before COVID-19, over a lakh people would attend Republic Day festivities, but this number was substantially reduced in the years immediately after the pandemic's start in India (in early 2020). About 42,000 attendees are anticipated this year, and 32,000 tickets for seats at the event have been made available online. "The public's response has been positive,"

According to PTI, he further claimed that new retractable chairs and bleachers with greater room between them had been installed in the Kartavya Path grounds.According to information provided in the presentation, 32 officers and 166 cadets from 19 nations are also anticipated to take part in the 74th Republic Day celebrations.

According to the defence secretary, the festivities would start with a big ceremony on January 23, the anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's birth, and continue until January 30, the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's passing.

According to Aramane, this year's festivities have been organised to mirror Prime Minister Narendra Modi's concept of "janbhagidari." The events will also serve as a celebration for INA veterans, individuals, and indigenous communities.

This year's Republic Day celebrations include a lot of brand-new events. A drone show, projection mapping during the Beating the Retreat ceremony, performances by military and coast guard bands at the National War Memorial, a festival of tribal dance and tattoos for the military, Veer Gatha 2.0, the second iteration of the Vande Bharatam dance competition, and more are among them, according to the ministry.

With their distinctive and colourful costumes, headdresses, musical instruments, and rhythmic dance beats, over 1,200 performers are honing their art forms every day in rehearsals.

During the main performance, traditional dances such as Gaurr Maria, Gaddi Nati, Siddi Dhamal, Baiga Pardhoni, Purulia, Bagurumba, Ghusadi, Balti, Lambadi, Paika, Rathwa, Budigali, and Songimukhawate will be performed.

Gaurr Maria, Gaddi Nati, Siddi Dhamal, Baiga Pardhoni, Purulia, Bagurumba, Ghusadi, Balti, Lambadi, Paika, Rathwa, Budigali, Songimukhawate, Karma, Mangho, Ka Shad Mastieh, Kummikali, Palaiyar, Cheraw, and Rekham Pada are just a few of the classic

Along with horse exhibitions, Khukuri dance, Gatka, Mallakhamb, Kalaripayattu, Thang-ta, motorbike displays, Air Warriors manoeuvres, Navy Band performances, and martial arts, the Indian armed services will also demonstrate them. At the military tattoo ceremony, twenty tribal dance groups from throughout the nation will participate. The event is anticipated to draw 60,000 people, according to the statement.

Renowned vocalist Kailash Kher will perform during the grand finale. The event will be free to attend, and attendees may reserve tickets online via a portal.

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