Peloton Recalls 2.2 Million Workout Bikes Over Safety Concerns

Peloton is recalling almost 2.2 million workout bikes owing to safety concerns. The fitness firm has recalled its equipment for the second time in two years.

The new recall affects motorcycles with model number PL01 that were sold in the United States between January 2018 and this month. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Peloton received 35 reports of the bike's seat post fracturing and detaching from the bike while in use, including 13 cases of customers suffering a fractured wrist, lacerations, and bruises after falling off the bike.

Customers are asked to immediately cease riding the bikes and call the firm for a free repair. Customers can get a complimentary seat post for self-installation from Peloton.

The bikes cost around $1,400.

Peloton Interactive agreed to pay a $19 million punishment earlier this year after failing to promptly inform authorities of a known flaw in its Tread+ workout equipment. The corporation also marketed the damaged treadmills on purpose.

Peloton received more than 150 complaints of instances involving humans, dogs, or objects being harmed or killed by the time the business disclosed the concerns to regulators in the case of their treadmill.

Peloton Recalls 2.2 Million Workout Bikes Over Safety Concerns

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