Meghalaya Govt To Recruit 2,000 Police Personnel: CM

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Meghalaya Govt To Recruit 2,000 Police Personnel: CM

Conrad K. Sangma, the chief minister of Meghalaya, has announced that his administration will add 2,000 police officers to the state's law enforcement force. The chief minister has pledged to provide the new force with cutting-edge equipment, including motorbikes to hasten emergency response times and new cars for various police stations.

Conrad K. Sangma, the chief minister, declared on Friday that his administration would hire 2,000 police officers to bolster the state's law enforcement. Purchasing new cars for the various police stations and outposts, as well as buying motorcycles to boost speedy response times in emergencies, he claimed, would equip the force with current technology to increase their responsiveness.

"We are working on a number of important projects that support law enforcement.

The creation of a Directorate of Forensics will enhance law enforcement capacities, he added. "This move aims to address various infrastructural demands and will also allocate funds for the maintenance and construction of various police facilities," he said.

We are convinced that these initiatives will significantly enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement activities in Meghalaya, the official said.

The CM stated, "I encourage these young police personnel to never lose sight of their duty and commit to serve the people and the state with dedication and integrity." He then urged the new recruits to serve the state with commitment and integrity.

The state government, he claimed, had to overcome several obstacles starting in 2019 in order to finish the hiring process, but "We stayed committed to filling these vacancies and we are so happy to witness this today."

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