Libra Horoscope Today, May 04, 2023

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Libra Horoscope Today, May 04, 2023

You will appreciate the pleasures of leisure. Be covert about your money and future plans. Your companion would be helpful and supportive. As you meet your dream girl today, your eyes light up with joy and your heart beats quickly. Colleagues are an important source of support, and new partnerships are very likely at work. You'd like to spend time with individuals near to your heart, but you won't be able to. Today, you will realise that all of your marriage vows were true. Your soulmate is your partner.

LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23)

Remedy : Wearing multi-colored printed clothes will help your business/work life thrive.


Libra may become agitated if they are unable to put their intentions into action. It is possible to become involved in trivial disagreements with your friends and relatives. This trap should be avoided at all costs. You may also be inclined to make a hasty decision. If you don't think before acting, you can wind up wasting your time.


You enjoy being the centre of attention. However, when things are changing in your life, it is best to remain in the background. Because of today's planet alignment, your thinking will catch up with your emotions and try to figure out what you desire. Do not strive to be overly gregarious in the coming days. Concentrate on what will provide you with security: regular exercise, regular meals, and predictable sleeping hours. You must look after your body!


Despite the fact that much of your work is done behind closed doors, you seek credit and the spotlight for what you do. Remind folks to appreciate all of their efforts. Don't come across as petty or petulant.


While sipping exotic cocktails while listening to Spanish guitar music in the background sounds idyllic, this will not be a permanent experience. Business must be attended to. Life is unpredictably unpredictable. You have the ability to create magic wherever you go. You only need to establish the proper setting. You'll make your sweetheart swoon.


Travel will be erratic. Although you may have many reasons and intentions to travel for vacations and social reasons, work obligations will prevent you from doing so. Nonetheless, you could take a short staycation or travel to a nearby location with your family for a few days.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 6, 1

Lucky Colors: Cyan, Baby Pink

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