'I Will Return, It's My Home' Lionel Messi Admits His 'Future' Is In Barcelona

Lionel Messi has completed the majority of his professional career. The final piece of the jigsaw of his career was put together when the Argentina icon won the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar by defeating France in the final. Messi, who currently represents Paris Saint-Germain in club football, has frequently been mentioned in connection with a move back to his first club, Barcelona. Even if it is still unclear whether the Argentine would ever play for the Catalans again, once he declares the end of his career, he will undoubtedly reside in Barcelona.Messi stated in an interview with Dario Ole that he plans to stay at Barcelona when his playing career is done. Messi stated in the interview, "I will return to live in Barcelona after my career is over; it's my home." In the FIFA World Cup 2022 final, Argentina overcame France, and Messi took home the "most coveted trophy of them all." Messi said, "Everything," when questioned about the final items he saved. "I preserved everything from the final: the boots, the t-shirts, everything is there on the AFA property. Now, in March, I'm taking everything to Barcelona, where I have my stuff and my memories.

Will Messi play in the 2026 World Cup?

Messi discussed his goals for the international squad in the interview. Even if the 2026 World Cup is still too far away, Messi hasn't finished the book yet because he wants to watch how his career develops moving forward. "It'll be hard to make it until 2026 due to age." It feels like a long time before the next World Cup, but it depends on how my career is going. I love playing football, and as long as I feel in good form and am enjoying it, I'm going to stay at it."I was pulled to the cup when I saw it there, so near, and I wanted to touch it and kiss it."Saying "it's done" was such an exhilarating sensation. It's still such a thrilling event today. Even today, when I see it, I find it more enjoyable than I did then. Since then, things have cooled down, making it more thrilling for me. Now, there are a lot of videos on social media, he observed. Messi is currently under contract with PSG till the end of the current campaign. Although there have been rumours of an extension, nothing definite has happened thus far.

'I Will Return, It's My Home' Lionel Messi Admits His 'Future' Is In Barcelona

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