Congress Plans Minority Outreach After Muslim Vote Shift TRS

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Congress Plans Minority Outreach After Muslim Vote Shift TRS

Having lost a major piece of its Muslim help base to the decision Bharat Rashtra Samithi, the Congress is set to send off a gigantic effort towards minorities across Telangana in front of the following Gathering races.

The primary gathering of the party's 'Minorities Announcement Board of trustees' held here Monday spread out an arrangement to contact different gatherings, gather ideas and order them into an announcement, with its notable focuses to be remembered for the Congress proclamation for the state surveys.

The Minorities Announcement Board of trustees of the party is led by senior Congress pioneer and previous pastor Mohammed Ali Shabbir, and Monday's gathering was gone to by AICC state in-control Manikrao Thakre and secretary Mansoor Ali Khan

Ali expressed that over conversations enduring almost three hours, the ground was laid to hold associations with Muslim and Christian strict associations, experts and common society individuals having a place with the two networks, administrations of minority establishments and different partners.

The draft announcement that outcomes from these discussions is supposed to be prepared by month-end, and will be divulged by top heads of the AICC, Ali said.

Before long, Congress gatherings and sub-gatherings will begin meeting the different partners and minority pioneers in various regions. An extraordinary work area would be set up at the party office to get portrayals from bunches along with people.

Muslims contain around 13% of the electors in the state and Christians 1%.

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