Congress Blasts Modi, Curbs Critique In Karnataka

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Congress Blasts Modi, Curbs Critique In Karnataka

Recent allegations made against both civilians and government workers show that the freedom of speech and expression protected by Article 19 of the Constitution is under attack. The activists said it is hypocritical for a party that has opposed the Union administration led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for restricting the freedom of citizens to express themselves without fear.

On scientific temper

The government gave Hulikante Murthy, a lecturer at a government pre-university institution, a warning in July after he criticized Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientists for praying at Tirupati Temple in Andhra Pradesh while holding a tiny model of Chandrayaan 3. He criticized the lack of scientific temperament among scientists. 

The State government served him with a notice after former education minister Suresh Kumar wrote to the government requesting action, during which the right-wing social media army tormented him for his post.  According to sources close to Mr. Murthy, he was shocked by the government's actions because Mr. Siddaramaiah has always been regarded for his allegiance to rationalism and socialist philosophy. Additionally, a number of FIRs were filed against Mr. Murthy. 

Another case involved the August 5 suspension of a KSRTC Employees Contributory Provident Fund Trust trustee and employee of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) for discussing staff issues with the media. In January, following the suspected suicide of a BMTC bus conductor, B.S. Rajanikant addressed the media. He was fired eight months after he spoke. The administration intends to silence the voice of union leaders, Mr. Rajanikant claimed.

Shakuntala H.S., a BJP supporter who wrote a post criticizing CM Siddaramaiah, was detained by Bengaluru police. To Mr. Siddaramaiah's message about the Udupi College video controversy, Miss Shakuntala has answered. The Chief Minister had called the incident "child's play" on social media site X (previously Twitter), to which she responded by questioning whether Mr. Siddaramaiah would respond in the same way if this had happened to a member of his family. She was detained after a FIR was filed. She was, however, later that day released on bond. 

Shantala Murthy, a teacher at a government school in Chitradurga, was suspended for her Facebook post criticizing Siddaramaiah and the guarantee program. The instructor was accused of breaking the Karnataka Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, and the state also demanded an investigation. 

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