Capricorn Horoscope Today, May 07, 2023

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Capricorn Horoscope Today, May 07, 2023

Condemning yourself unnecessarily may dampen your spirit. You can now invest your money in religious activities that are likely to bring you mental serenity and stability. This time is also ideal for winning your parents' trust in your new ambitions and plans. Today will be filled with the colours of love, yet you may have an argument with your loved one about something old throughout the night. You can spend your free time doing whatever you choose. Some people believe that married life is largely about conflicts and sex, but today will be different. Today, your money is predicted to rise. This increase could be the result of a previous investment.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)

Remedy : Place a green glass bottle in the sun. Combine this water with your bath water to live a disease-free life.


When you picture fantastical possibilities, your Capricorn psychic skill is likely to improve. With these images in your thoughts, you might not be so far off the mark. This is an excellent day to tune in to your inner guidance, the part of you that can pick up on subtle instructions. They may not be apparent to everyone.


You can find greater significance in a circumstance while remaining focused on your objectives. There would be no bad situations if this were true. You can see deeper into the trees and recognise each aspect's energy. This allows us to better align our objectives and make them more attainable. You can put your physical strength to the test and identify the part of yourself that wishes things will go smoothly.


Today's work environment is not the same as yesterday's. Today's world is more passionate and serious. This should be taken into account when engaging with others. Take it seriously or you may cause pain on someone's sensitive feelings.


You are aware that everything is made up of pairs. However, the middle path may be the most direct route to wisdom. Don't allow your romantic partner take your attitude too seriously today. You may perceive them as chilly or self-centered. They could be feeling insecure or afraid. It is critical to look at things through their eyes. You must make them feel secure.


There's a chance you made a decision to leave town today to clear your head. There's a chance you made a decision to leave town today to clear your head. On your journey today, you will meet some interesting new folks. It is recommended that you keep your gadgets silent at this time to avoid any interruptions. You can only pick up the phone if it is an emergency.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 0

Lucky Colors: Green and maroon

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