Bonza's Melbourne To Bundaberg Flights On Sale

Flights from Melbourne to Bundaberg are now officially on sale according to Bonza, who also announced routes beginning in May. The Fly Bonza app has twelve new flights to eleven new locations as of this morning. Beginning on May 10, there will be two flights per week, each costing $89 one way, from Melbourne to Bundaberg. The announcement comes as Bonza continues to establish itself throughout its 27 routes and 17 destinations, including its first journey to Victoria on Tuesday when it flew from the Sunshine Coast to Avalon. This week, Bonza featured video of the Brillante family of Bundaberg reconciling with their son Josh, the captain of the Melbourne Victory, to mark the impending Melbourne to Bundaberg sale.

How to book your Bonza flights

  • The Fly Bonza app is where travellers can book, check in, manage their bookings, and order
  • Food on demand when travelling and access to in-flight entertainment
  • The app is also part of Bonza’s strategy to communicate directly with customers in the
  • case of a delay or disruption to their journey, which in turn aims to reduce the impact on
  • customers’ plans
  • The app’s design is aimed at allowing Bonza customers to go from search to booking.
  • For confirmation in less than five minutes and to remove the need for lengthy call wait times,
  • opting for digital chat as the primary way to service customers. Since going on sale last
  • week, customers have been embracing this technology.
  • For those customers who prefer to book through a travel agent, that is also an option.
  • Hundreds of local agencies have signed up with Bonza to book their clients' flights.
  • low-cost carrier

Bonza's Melbourne To Bundaberg Flights On Sale

Bonza's Melbourne To Bundaberg Flights On Sale

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