BOM Warns: Low-pressure System Off Queensland Coast 'could Be A Cyclone By Wednesday'

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BOM Warns: Low-pressure System Off Queensland Coast could Be A Cyclone By Wednesday

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a warning about a low-pressure system that is building near Vanna and is anticipated to "rapidly strengthen" into a tropical cyclone mid-week when it approaches the Queensland coast. According to the agency, the chance of the system intensifying into a tropical cyclone on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, when it is forecast to travel southeast and away from the coast, is low, moderate, and high, respectively. It is not anticipated that the storm will reach land. Senior forecaster Steve Hadley said, "It appears as though it's going to slow up as it approaches closer the coast, and it's really more likely to stay offshore than move onshore over the week." From Wednesday and probably throughout the weekend, coastal areas should anticipate severe winds with warnings for small ships. Along the Queensland coast, the bureau has also predicted gale-force winds and dangerous waves. Brisbane is not anticipated to be impacted, according to Mr. Hadley. We'll simply be sticking in the south-easterlies that are on the tropical cyclone's western edge, he added.

The southeast experiences a decline in temperature:

Livio Regano, a meteorologist, said it was difficult to assess the situation until "we see the whites of the eyes" of the storm by mid-week, but he anticipates February weather in the state to be about average.After last week's "extremely remarkable" stretch of dew points above 26 degrees Celsius combined with a low level heatwave, temperatures in the south east are predicted to continue to decline.According to Mr. Regano, we are still getting thirtyties, which is about typical or possibly little above."Even when temperatures are slightly over average, during a nearly record-breaking heat wave, it still seems chilly."The temperature will gradually drop as the cyclone moves southward into New Zealand.After Magnetic Island had 178 millimetres of rain in the 24 hours leading up to 9 a.m., Mr. Regano predicted that rain will "slow down" today in the Townsville area and throughout the central north coast.

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