Aquarius Horoscope Today, May 03, 2023

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Aquarius Horoscope Today, May 03, 2023

Avoid long excursions because you are too weak to travel. You may have to confront the consequences of your previous spending in the present. As a result, you'll be desperate for money, yet your efforts will be futile. Be consistent in your behaviour, especially with your spouse; otherwise, it may disrupt the family's serenity. You'll be kept busy by wonderful memories from the past. Today, surround yourself with experienced individuals and listen to what they have to offer. Nowadays, you can become so engrossed in watching a movie on TV or your phone that you forget to complete your important tasks. Personal space is crucial in marriage, but today you will merely try to be close. The romance is on fire!

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)

Remedy : Install a Chandra yantra in your home's place of worship to improve your income.


Disagreements among Aquarius members may briefly separate a group to which you belong. Avoid it at all costs. You might have a friend who is struggling and needs your assistance. Don't let your friend's frailty bring you down. You may find this frustrating, and you should devote your efforts to other endeavours. The next day will be better.


The current location of the planet will increase your drive to succeed. You should aim the arrow precisely where you want it, but don't let go too quickly. This transit will assist you attain your goal; nevertheless, if you are too anxious to see the best, you may make hasty decisions. Concentrate on the task at hand and complete it. Exercise regularly, eat healthily, and drink plenty of water.


To take advantage of the incredible opportunities available, you must adjust your thinking and outlook. Instead of focusing all of your efforts on one bird, broaden your horizons and look ahead with confidence.


You have a lot of alternatives with today's astral configuration. Either you make yourself a difficult target for romance, or you devise a sensible method to attract love. If you try to create a big impression with your self-promotion, you will most likely fail.


You're probably going on a spontaneous, exciting journey. It could be within the city or in your neighbourhood. The goal is to learn new things while having fun, and you will have both. You might not inform anyone since that is what spontaneity entails. But since you'll be home by the end of the day, no one will be concerned. This is going to be an exciting day for you.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 3

Lucky Colors: Violet, Brown

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