When Salman Khan Introduced Himself To John Travolta

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When Salman Khan Introduced Himself To John Travolta

Salman Khan is one of the most well-known actors in India. On Twitter, he has a following of 45.2 million people, and 64.4 million people follow him on Instagram. However, Salman shares a career with someone who didn't recognize him when they crossed paths at an awards event. And that's John Travolta, a famous actor.

In 2022, Salman and John Travolta went to an event in Riyadh for an award. Salman, who was seated next to John at the occasion, had to identify himself to him after likely complimenting him on his job.

On Reddit, a popular video of the two actors from an awards ceremony reappeared. Salman begins the scene by speaking to the Grease actor in his ear and then yelling "Amazinggg" out loud. "I work in the Indian film industry," he continues after introducing himself to John. Salman Khan is how I'm known. Salman and John shook hands after the introduction, and John grinned widely.

John Travolta and Salman Khan meet at an award ceremony

There is no need to introduce Salman Khan. He is praised for being among India's most well-liked actors. The actor, who has 45.2 million Twitter followers and 64.4 million Instagram followers, is well-liked by the general public for his charisma, personality, and outstanding contributions to Indian cinema. Although we would expect that almost everyone would know him, the actor had to introduce himself to a Hollywood star at an event in 2022.

John Travolta is introduced by Salman Khan 

In 2022, Salman Khan and John Travolta, both famous actors, crossed paths during an awards ceremony in Riyadh. On social media, a video from the occasion quickly gained popularity. Salman, who was seated next to John, was seen in the video introducing himself to the Hollywood star. John was given a handshake by the Bollywood superstar before she complimented his work. At an event in 2022, he was heard saying, "I work in the Indian film industry, my name is Salman Khan."

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