PM Said He’ll Come Back But: Sharad Pawar Recalls Devendra

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PM Said He’ll Come Back But: Sharad Pawar Recalls Devendra

Sharad Pawar, the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), suggested on Thursday that before declaring, "I will come back," Prime Minister Narendra Modi should seek "guidance" from BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis. Sharad Pawar was making reference to Prime Minister Modi's Independence Day speech, in which he declared that he would go back to Red Fort the next year and campaign for a third term.

"From the Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi declared, "I will return. In a similar vein, our former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had declared, "Me punha yein. Devendra Fadnavis returned, but not as chief minister, according to Sharad Pawar.


Take advice from Devendra Fadanvis before claiming "I'll be back," the NCP leader continued.

Sharad Pawar reflected on his time serving in office alongside former Chief Minister Yashwantrao Chavan while speaking to a crowd at Beed. He emphasized the importance of people who stood behind Chavan's leadership and upheld his values, such as Keshar Kaku Kshirsagar. Sandeep, the grandson of Kshirsagar, is currently following in his grandfather's footsteps by joining Pawar's party.

The leader of the NCP criticized the current administration for using what he called divisive strategies. "At the moment, those in authority are only dividing castes and communities. Numerous areas of the nation are experiencing violent crime. Because of the current high rate of inflation, several food goods are also out of reach, but Sharad Pawar claimed that the government is failing to address the issue.


Sharad Pawar also attacked PM Modi harshly in response to the ethnic riots in Manipur. Sharad Pawar criticized the Prime Minister's reaction, claiming that the seriousness of the circumstance in the northeastern state called for more than a cursory reference in Parliament.

"Violence in Manipur has not been under government control. People are fighting between two communities, attacking one another, setting homes on fire, killing people, and stripping women in public. "It's in the worst condition," stated Sharad Pawar.

PM should have gone there and won the locals' trust, he continued. PM Modi just spoke for three to four minutes regarding Manipur in Parliament.


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