Elon Musk Promises Rewards For Remaining Twitter Employees After Another Round Of Mass Layoffs

After completing a new round of layoffs over the weekend, Elon Musk is said to have announced performance-based prizes for Twitter staff. Around 200 workers lost their employment as a result of the owner of Twitter laying off about 10% of the staff. Musk informed his surviving Twitter staff via email on Monday morning that they will get some "quite big performance-based equity awards."

Elon Musk announces rewards for Twitter employees

Elon Musk offered these benefits to workers in an email. Musk also discussed the most recent wave of layoffs at the business, referring to it as a "tough organisational restructure focused on better future performance,"  according to an internal document acquired by The Verge. a "tough organisational restructure focused on boosting future execution,"  the company said. "We completed a challenging organisational revamp focused on enhancing future performance, incorporating as much feedback as we could obtain from the whole firm,"  Musk said in the email. The people surrounding the survivors hold them in high respect, he continued.

Employees lose access to Google Chat and Slack

The story also notes that staff had unexpectedly lost access to Google Chat and Slack before the fresh wave of layoffs were revealed. According to recent reports, several employees believe that similar measures were taken to minimise internal communication among workers during layoffs. For the staff, both means of contact were abruptly shut down.

Layoffs at Twitter

During the weekend, the aforementioned round of layoffs at Twitter proceeded, affecting close to 200 individuals. According to the microblogging platform let off 10% of its personnel, including product managers, data scientists, and engineers. The monetisation infrastructure team was downsized from 30 to less than eight persons, the paper claims. Esther Crawford, a blue-haired Twitter employee who was dedicated to helping Musk construct Twitter 2.0, was also fired. She was seen in an image that went viral on social media dozing asleep in a sleeping bag inside Twitter's headquarters. Many Twitter employees were said to have learned they were being let go when they were refused, according to reports.

Musk asked for public support to save Twitter

The previous three months had been difficult for Elon Musk as he had to "rescue Twitter from bankruptcy, while completing crucial Tesla and SpaceX tasks," he said in a need for "public assistance" last month. Twitter still has a long way to go, the billionaire noted. The final three months "were extraordinarily challenging," he added, "as we had to execute crucial Tesla and SpaceX obligations while saving Twitter from bankruptcy." I wouldn't wish that suffering on anybody. Twitter still has difficulties, but if we continue on this direction, it will soon break even. "Public support is much valued!"

Elon Musk Promises Rewards For Remaining Twitter Employees After Another Round Of Mass Layoffs

Elon Musk Promises Rewards For Remaining Twitter Employees After Another Round Of Mass Layoffs

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