Barely Anyone Has Completed Overwatch 2 PvE Story Missions


The new PvE Story Missions in Overwatch 2 are very challenging; on Legendary difficulty, nearly 98% of efforts end in failure.
 Despite controversy and a reduction in PvE content, the mainstay Story Missions have mainly been popular and well-liked by gamers.
 Based on the popularity of Season 6: Invasion, Overwatch 2 is eager to implement and increase the level of difficulty in upcoming co-op content.


More than 98% of attempts to finish the new PvE Story Missions on Legendary difficulty have failed, according to a recent Overwatch 2 report. The difficulty of these new Overwatch 2 PvE missions will affect how Blizzard creates future co-op content.

Overwatch 2's game director, Aaron Keller, recently wrote about Season 6 in a blog post. Keller was excited to provide some information about the upcoming Story Missions' Legendary difficulty in the post. These Legendary missions are challenging. Very difficult," he remarked. The majority of players struggle to complete them at this level, and those that succeeded had to develop unique techniques and work as a team to overcome the toughest obstacles. Only 1.6% of Legendary Gothenburg runs, and.7% of attempts to defeat Legendary Toronto, were completed, according to Keller.

Keller praised those who succeeded and liked watching players try to complete these difficult objectives. "Congratulations if you're a content creator who finished Legendary and you're reading this post. You provided excellent entertainment. Additionally, it appears that Overwatch 2 is pleased to observe how varied mission challenges are experienced. With the amount of difficulty, we believe we learnt something, and we're eager to use and build upon it for future Co-op content, according to Keller. This should indicate that PvE content will continue to build on the success of Overwatch 2 Season 6: Invasion in the future.

It should come as no surprise that the hotly contested and long-awaited Story Missions have drawn a lot of attention. Since Overwatch 2's initial announcement of the PvE missions in 2019, players have eagerly anticipating them. Unfortunately, Blizzard's recent move to scale back PvE has generated a lot of controversy, leading players to give Overwatch 2 the worst reviews possible, making it the lowest-rated game on Steam.


Barely Anyone Has Completed Overwatch 2 PvE Story Missions

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